PRIF helps meet Pacific infrastructure challenges through the provision of partner coordination and technical assistance.

Meets Infrastructure Demands

PRIF helps identify priority national infrastructure project pipelines.

Pacific countries have relatively low levels of electrification, paved roads, airports, telecommunications and port facilities. There is also a lack of adequate maintenance of existing infrastructure. PRIF works with member countries to identify priority national economic infrastructure plans for government and donor financing and to support sustainable infrastructure management.

Encourages Adequate Investment

PRIF facilitates coordination among development partners as well as with Pacific countries and key stakeholders.

PRIF facilitates development partner coordination and links with member countries to finance priority infrastructure projects and provide other support. PRIF also helps identify opportunities for private sector participation.

Enhances Government Capacity

PRIF identifies gaps and helps build capacity in infrastructure planning and management.

Policy, institutional, regulatory, planning and management capacity issues in the Pacific negatively impacts infrastructure development and management and in turn the performance and sustainability of investment. PRIF provides member countries with support to build capacity in infrastructure planning and management. It helps identify capacity gaps and key infrastructure issues with data and comparative analysis.

Addresses Specific Infrastructure Issues

PRIF helps find best practice/technology solutions to infrastructure issues and act as a knowledge hub.

Remoteness, small size, climate vulnerability and other issues often present unique challenges for infrastructure development and management in the Pacific. Through technical assistance, PRIF helps find best practice and technological solutions to common infrastructure issues. PRIF also collates resources and publications on infrastructure planning and management and disseminates knowledge and information via a range of virtual events, including the annual PRIF Week conference.