Knowledge products and publications showcase PRIF technical assistance reports and contribute to the body of knowledge for informed decision-making and good practice in infrastructure development in the Pacific. This section lists PRIF publications, PRIF partners publications, member countries' National Infrastructure Investment Plans and an online repository for Pacific building codes.

National Infrastructure Investment Plans (NIIPs) are a central pillar of PRIF’s coordination role. Working in partnership with Pacific member countries, the NIIP program aims to strengthen national planning processes by supporting governments develop credible infrastructure pipelines, as well as clear sighted strategies for infrastructure financing.

PRIF publications cover a range of infrastructure sub-sectors and thematics, including aviation, energy, transport, information and communications technology (ICT) as well as infrastructure maintenance, climate change, water and waste water. 

This is a catalogue of PRIF partner publications, covering key infrastructure sub-sectors and thematics.

PRIF started compiling a repository of codes, guidelines and other key documents related to Pacific building codes under a 2021 Technical Assistance initiative titled “Improving National Building Codes and Standards in the Pacific”.