A brief introduction to the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF), its partners and funding, the latest reports and consulting opportunities.

PRIF is a multi-partner coordination and technical assistance facility that aims to improve the quality and coverage of infrastructure and service delivery in the Pacific.

PRIF partners are the Asian Development Bank, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, European Union, European Investment Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, United States Department of State and the World Bank Group.

The PRIF Charter is a statement of general principles and guidelines governing PRIF and development partner cooperation. 

PRIF Annual Reports present an overview of PRIF’s strategic context, activities and deliverables across each calendar year.

PRIF employs professionals of various expertise to support Infrastructure planning and management, Infrastructure benchmarking and cross-country data analytics, regional sector and cross-cutting thematic studies and assistance, best practice and technology solutions to address critical infrastructure issues.