Navigating Island Futures in Transport: A guide to developing national transport strategies for Small Island Developing States


Navigating Island Futures in Transport provides guidance for the development of sustainable transport systems in Small Island Developing States. It takes a fresh approach to sector planning for sustainable low-carbon transport systems, including the urgent need for SIDS to adapt to climate change, and for improved coordination of development activities. 


Navigating Island Futures in Transport comes in three parts, as well as an Executive Summary.

Part I:  A 21st century approach to island transport systems.

Part I provides an overview of the transport challenges and opportunities facing SIDS. It then outlines the emerging global paradigm for sustainable transport systems. Finally, it touches on how developing long-term strategies can help enable the transformation to a sustainable future.

Part II: How to design a transport strategy – a 5-phase process.

This part will help you design and facilitate a 5-phase process for developing a national transport strategy. The guidance provides ideas and tools for each phase of the process. Each phase reinforces the importance of meaningful discussions between decision-makers.

Part III: Menu of strategies and technologies provides a catalogue of strategies, technologies, policies, and other measures that have already been assessed for their suitability for small island countries. It means you won’t have to start from scratch in the search for practical and appropriate solutions.


Navigating Island Futures in Transport is supported by the New Zealand Aid Programme