The basic objective of the National Building Code for Tuvalu (NBCT) is to ensure that acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, fire safety, health, and amenity, are maintained for the benefit of Tuvalu now and in the future. The requirements included in the NBCT are intended to extend no further than is necessary for the public interest, to be cost-effective, not needlessly onerous in their application, and easily understood.

The NBCT was originally published in 1990 with an accompanying partial commentary to explain the more complex provisions of the code and a companion Home Building Manual Tuvalu (HBMT). The HBMT is intended for the use of para-professionals and professionals in the building industry for the speedy design of simple houses which conform to the structural requirements of the NBCT. Approval authorities may use the HBMT for the confirmation of the adequacy of the structural details given in the proposals submitted to them.

The NBCT is currently being reviewed and updated under the World Bank GFDRR “Consulting Services for the review of the Tuvalu draft National Building Code and Regulations”

The NBCT is not legislated. A Tuvalu Building Bill 2019 has been drafted.

The Tuvalu cabinet in September 2021 endorsed phase 1 of the NBCT - being the sections relating to public buildings and group dwellings - but are requiring a wider community consultation for phase 2 of the NBCT – being dwelling and outbuildings.

Wednesday, 5 October 2022