WB Accelerating Practical Digital Development in the Solomon Islands


This report describes the value to be derived from an increasingly digital economy in the Solomon Islands and examples of how other countries are doing the same. The tourism, agriculture, and fisheries sectors are examined in detail and presents an assessment of the digital government program elements and the extent to which they contribute to delivering effective and efficient, digitally enhanced government operations and services. It also presents an assessment of the status and issues of the foundational enablers of a digital economy. The outcomes of the assessment indicated that the SIG needs to focus mainly on strengthening the enabling environment for both digital government and the digital economy.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has further underscored the importance of accelerating digital development, particularly in the Pacific Islands region. Since March 2020 this region has been particularly isolated by travel restrictions, and severe disruptions across all economic sectors. The issues described in this report remain highly relevant, particularly regarding the urgency of improving digital infrastructure (connectivity), enabling digital payments, boosting digital skills, and enacting legislation to protect digital transactions and safeguard privacy.