Gender Equality and Sustainable Infrastructure


To accelerate gender mainstreaming in infrastructure and align it with the SDGs, this note identifies a research and policy agenda for the OECD along three main axes. First, current data collection exercises could be expanded to obtain a gender perspective of access to and use of infrastructure (broadly defined) across and within countries as well as on the implications of infrastructure development for women’s health and the environment. Such work could be launched as part of the OECD’s Horizontal Project on Sustainable and Quality Infrastructure. Second, the OECD Framework for the Governance of Infrastructure could be extended or complemented with specific guidance (e.g. a toolkit) in order to incorporate a gender perspective. Similar adjustments could be made to sectoral guidance, for the transport, energy and water sectors, among others. A third line of work could involve active engagement with governments and the private sector to increase women’s representation in infrastructure decision-making processes and the application of the gender chapter of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct.