The first national Transport strategy brings together into a single document the Government of Niue's policies on the aviation, maritime, and land transport sectors, and relevant institutional, operational, and investment activities. This strategy document provides guidance for the development of Niue's transport network and services from 2017 to 2026. The strategy originates from the Niue National Strategic Plan 2016 - 2026, which sets out the overall aims and objectives of the people of Niue and the government.  The transport sector strategy forms part of the country's budget framework and is intended to ensure that the sector remains as debt-free as possible. Since considerable reliance will be placed on the government and their development partners, it is crucial that financing is sufficient to support the strategy. This document (i) sets out the overall direction for the transport system and (ii) provides details of key actions in each subsector (i.e., aviation, maritime, and roads). The prioritization and critical nature of certain actions are also included.