This report seeks to inform development planning and investment decisions in Fiji. It pilots a methodology that can be replicated in other countries to assess climate and disaster vulnerability and design climate change adaptation and risk management plans and strategies. The report aims to quantify and enhance the understanding of the threat that natural hazards and climate change pose to the country’s Development Plan and objectives.

In analyzing the climate vulnerability of Fiji, the study considers two dimensions: (1) the physical threats to the country created by current climate variability and climate change, including shocks such as tropical cyclones and floods as well as longer-term stressors like sea-level rise or temperature impacts on health; and (2) development needs and opportunities of the country, as described in the 20-year and 5-year Development Plan. The analysis identifies threats that could jeopardize Fiji’s development needs and opportunities, and the interventions that could minimize these threats.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021