Nauru Integrated Infrastructure Strategic Plan 2019


The Nauru Integrated Infrastructure Strategic Plan (NIISP) was endorsed and adopted by the Nauruan Cabinet on 27 November 2019 as a guide to public infrastructure investment planning and budgeting for the next five to ten years. It integrates capital planning into a broader asset management framework to ensure that existing infrastructure is restored and adequately maintained, and that new infrastructure is built to service the infrastructure demands and development needs and objectives of Nauru.

The report was prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, with the support of the PRIF Coordination Office.

To guide the Government of Nauru in carrying out asset management tasks and investment planning in the future, the following documents have been prepared and are included as appendices to this report:

  • Strategic and Sectoral Documents for Infrastructure Planning and Programming
  • Infrastructure Asset Management Procedures¬†¬†
  • Infrastructure Asset Maintenance Guide
  • Infrastructure Condition and Capacity Assessment Guide
  • Asset Replacement and Renewal Cost Estimating Guide
  • Infrastructure Asset Management Plan
  • Infrastructure Project Prioritization Criteria