Pacific Resource Infrastructure Facility (PRIF)

Established in 2008 to provide technical assistance, research and knowledge products on key infrastructure issues to Pacific island countries

and as a coordination facility for the principal development partners in the region.

Helping Pacific Countries

To plan and maintain their infrastructure

Most Pacific island countries (PICs) have received support from PRIF to develop national infrastructure investment plans as an important strategic planning tool.

The plans prioritise investments in line with available finance and set a framework that can be used by development partners in funding infrastructure. These are also often complemented by asset management plans and registries, in line with an increasing emphasis on the critical role of adequate infrastructure maintenance to avoid more costly rehabilitation or replacement.

PRIF support includes building technical capacity in Pacific countries to update and utilise the plans more systematically in line with development priorities, and with whole of government support.

PRIF is also helping Pacific countries strengthen their public investment management and budgeting processes, to rationalise and optimise their infrastructure planning in both economic and social infrastructure sectors, and to assess projects eligible for climate financing.

PRIF emphasises the importance of sustained maintenance to maximise the benefits and minimise the costs of infrastructure. Insights into sustainable maintenance in the PICs are provided in Infrastructure Maintenance in the Pacific – Challenging the Build- Neglect-Rebuild Paradigm and Infrastructure Maintenance Budgets in the Cook Islands.