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Solomon Islands National Water and Sanitation Implementation Plan 2017-2033

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The National Water and Sanitation Implementation Plan (National WATSAN Plan) is a 12 year integrated whole-of-government plan to implement the goals and objectives of the Solomon Islands National Water and Sanitation Policy (National WATSAN Policy) and the sector goals of the National Development Strategy 2016-35 (NDS).  It is a key Government strategy for ensuring that economic development, public health and food production are not compromised by inadequate, unreliable and unsafe water supplies and lack of appropriate sanitation. It is a response to priority concerns of rural and urban communities and most sectors throughout Solomon Islands about water supply and sanitation, identified in nationwide consultations for the NDS. 

The National WATSAN Plan was developed by the Cabinet-appointed whole-of-government and community National Intersectoral Water Coordination Committee (NIWCC) through the of the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification (MMERE) through its Water Resources Division (WRD).