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Regulating Plastics in Pacific Island Countries a guide for policymakers and legislative drafters

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Next to climate change, plastics arguably represent the greatest environmental threat facing the planet today. In response, Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are working to become world leaders in the management and regulation of plastics in their region.
This guide contains the policy foundations and high-level policy settings for key areas of plastics regulation. Policymakers and legislative drafters in relevant PICs can use this guide to inform, develop and expand on laws to regulate the production, use, and disposal of plastics.
This guide is divided into two parts:
■■ Part A sets out the background and context for plastics regulation, including identifying key concepts that might guide policy and legislative development.
■■ Part B of this guide provides a selection of ‘drafting instructions’ for key identified areas for plastics regulation. It does so recognizing and building on existing and new efforts to regulate and reduce the region’s plastic production, consumption, and waste.