IWRM Plan Brief Description

This paper suggests a framework and a process for preparation of national IWRM and water efficiency plans (IWRM Plans) by 20051 . It provides a guidance note to help decision-makers and water managers with the possible content and the steps involved in establishing such plans. 

Many countries are facing ranges of challenges related to water that are strongly inter-related and therefore need to be dealt with in an integrated way. The sustainable management of water is critical to economic and social development extending beyond the provision of access to safe drinking water and sanitation of the presently unserved.

It is key to meeting the challenges of rapidly growing urban water demands and wastewater discharges; to securing water for increased food production; to reducing vulnerability to floods and droughts; to reducing risk to human health and protection from diseases and hazards; to ensuring water for industry and other economic activities; and to protecting the resource base and vital ecosystems from negative impacts of these developments.