2016 Review of Gender and Infrastructure in the PRIF Agencies


2016 Review of Gender and Infrastructure, published by the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF). The project involved a desk review of policies and project documents coupled with consultations with PRIF agency representatives and staff from a few other agencies working in the Pacific.

There are three objectives:

  • to collate information about how gender concerns are considered and managed in PRIF infrastructure programs and identify areas of good practice
  • to identify lessons to enhance gender-responsive planning and management in Pacific infrastructure projects, and
  • to provide practical recommendations that will improve PRIF's capacity to support Pacific governments and other partners in planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating gender-responsive infrastructure projects.

Common approaches among the PRIF agencies One of the key findings of the review is that there is commitment among the PRIF agencies to maintaining and increasing support for gender-responsive programs. There is also a fair degree of commonality in the approaches of the PRIF agencies. In addition, PRIF agencies have developed resources to assist their staff, partner governments and private contractors to understand the importance of gender and to increase gender-sensitivity in the design and implementation of programs and projects.

Sometimes these have been developed within the agencies themselves and sometimes toolkits are used that have already been developed by other PRIF agencies or other development partners. The resources generally consist of guidelines, toolkits, templates and case studies, some of which are sector-specific.

Role of the PRIF mechanism One of the areas considered by this review concerns the ongoing role that the PRIF mechanism' could provide in regard to gender issues. Following discussion with gender specialists and gender leads in PRIF agencies, two areas have been identified: (i)  gender specialists and gender leads can be invited to join the PRIF Sector Working Groups; (ii) the PRIF Document Repository can act as a library' of resources from projects in the Pacific that are designed to empower women or that include gender mainstreaming. Additional copies of the report are available on request from the PRIF Coordination Office.