Water Mission Report, EU-SOPAC


This document is a record of the proceedings of the in-country mission to Nauru, undertaken by Mr Stephen Booth, EDF8/9 Senior Advisor (Water) from 27th October to 05th November 2006. The specific objective of these consultations was to help identify project tasks appropriate to Key Result Area 2 (KRA 2) interventions of the EDF9 - Nauru Work Plan. The five working days actually achieved in Nauru were significantly compromised by transportation difficulties, resulting from a combination of cancelled international flights, an almost total lack of available diesel fuel on-island and difficult, partially-flooded road conditions due to heavy rainfall events. 

With a land area of just 21 sq km, Nauru is by far the smallest, and arguably the most vulnerable, of the fourteen nations within the EDF8/9 Project and a whole-of-island approach is therefore considered appropriate to water sector tasks.