South Tarawa Water Supply Options Assessment Desalination Feasibility Study


The South Tarawa Water Supply and Sanitation Roadmap 2011-2030 prepared under TA-7359 KIR finds that primary and secondary groundwater lenses for South Tarawa are at considerable risk, that water abstraction from freshwater galleries at Bonriki is 20% above the estimated sustainable capacity of the Bonriki reserves, and the Bonriki water treatment plant requires upgrading and improvement.

The distribution system beyond the main transmission pipeline and service reservoirs is failing with leaks and high wastage within household systems, resulting in estimated 67% losses. Of greater concern is the growing demand for safe water supplies associated with population growth.  This requires immediate provision of additional water supply for South Tarawa from 2011, in order to ensure that at least 50 litres/person/day is available to meet the needs of the community, with progressive increases to balance supply against increasing demand.