Knowledge Hub

PRIF aims to provide a focus for research and learning activities. This includes:

  • Data on current standards of Pacific island country infrastructure services, how they are financed and by whom, and current infrastructure service standards benchmarked across Pacific island countries as a group;
  • Good practice in infrastructure planning and management;
  • Establishment of a database of PRIF member projects
  • Establishment of a Document Repository containing PRIF and member reports and
  • PRIF activities, procedures and funding allocations.

Knowledge hub management requires close liaison and coordination with all development and country partners so that information, knowledge and lessons learned are collated and shared appropriately, in and beyond the region.

Examples of Knowledge Hub products include:

  • Infrastructure Maintenance: Review of Labour-Based Approaches (download the report here)
  • Infrastructure Maintenance in the Pacific - Challenging the Build-Neglect-Rebuild Paradigm Summary Paper (download the report here - PDF 1,280 KB)
  • Infrastructure Maintenance in the Pacific - Challenging the Build-Neglect-Rebuild Paradigm (download the report here - PDF 6,120 KB)
  • Pacific Infrastructure Performance Indicators - 2011 (available soon), 2014 (coming soon)
  • Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Report - 2011, 2012 (download the report here), 2014 (coming soon)
  • Pacific Water and Wastewater Utilities Benchmarking 2013 (download report here)

PRIF is also undertaking some analytical work on behalf of the PRIF partners to determine how PRIF can best provide support to the water and sanitation and waste management sub-sectors, particularly in the areas of rural water and sanitation and water security in fragile atoll environments. This work will look to define key issues and directions for future support and an overview of assistance being provided by all donors active in the sector. In particular, in Kiribati PRIF is providing support to the Ministry of Public Works and Utilities and to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for the evaluation and strengthening of South Tarawa's Water Supply, Sanitation and Solid Waste Management sector. In November 2011 PRIF supported a workshop devoted to this issue and led by the Task Force on Water and Sanitation.

For further information on how to request knowledge hub assistance through PRIF see the "Requesting Assistance" page or contact PRIF at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .