Pacific Power Utilities Benchmarking Report Released

Majuro, Mon, 13th July 2015 – The latest in a series of performance benchmarking reports is released today during the annual conference of the Pacific Power Association (PPA). Since 2011 PPA, the Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) have been working in partnership to support performance benchmarking among 25 electric power utilities in 20 countries and territories in the Pacific. The report is the fourth in a series since benchmarking commenced in 2000.

Andrew Daka, PPA Secretariat Executive Director, said “Benchmarking is a valuable instrument for monitoring performance improvement in a utility over time as well as the performance between similar organisations and between regions. It provides us with a better understanding of performance gaps across the Pacific, and supports improved decision-making within power utilities and increased efficiency and service delivery”.

This report presents results based on data collected for the 2012 fiscal year for each participating utility. It includes the results of 46 Key Performance Indicators plotted against the previous two years of data to show trends and also contains some governance and gender data.

Mr Daka added, “In this round, financial data has been fully disclosed following agreement between the utilities at the PPA Annual Conference in 2014. This enhances the usefulness of the financial data, allowing utilities to engage in dialogue regarding their respective commercial results and how this may be related to improvements in the indicators being monitored as part of the benchmarking exercise”.

Also presented during the conference is a booklet ‘Benchmarking changes business‘, a collection of case stories from power utility staff, published by PRIF and PPA. Each story is a personal reflection on the value and benefits of performance benchmarking for improving business decision-making and increased efficiency.