New Report: Infrastructure Maintenance in the Pacific: Challenging the Build-Neglect-Rebuild Paradigm

The Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) is pleased to announce the release of its study, Infrastructure Maintenance in the Pacific: Challenging the Build-Neglect-Rebuild Paradigm.

The report highlights that infrastructure asset management challenges in the Pacific have never been more important than today. The failure to manage and maintain existing infrastructure assets in Pacific Island countries has resulted in significant infrastructure debt – 

It is estimated that assistance from Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) development partners alone will lead to approximately $1.7 billion of investment in core economic infrastructure between 2008-09 and 2016-17. Effective asset management is necessary for economic benefits of new infrastructure investments to be maximised.

The report investigates maintenance practices in core economic infrastructure sectors, identifies challenges and best practice asset management practices in Pacific Island Countries (PICs), and explores the impact of assistance from PRIF development partners on infrastructure maintenance.

The report proposes approaches for addressing the build-neglect-rebuild challenge that the Pacific has grappled with for many years. It also features eight Pacific-focused case studies and an information profile on the fiscal position of Pacific Island governments, budgeting characteristics and an analysis of institutional arrangements in infrastructure sectors of PICs.

The study was prepared by the Pacific Infrastructure Advisory Centre, the former technical and advisory arm of PRIF, an infrastructure coordination and financing mechanism supported by ADB, AusAID, EC, EIB, NZMFAT and the WB. The report will be formally launched during the Pacific Update Seminar in Canberra that will bring together leading experts and policy makers from the Pacific on 27-28 June 2013.

Hard copies of the report will be distributed among central government agencies, development partners, asset managers and regional organisations in the Pacific Region who can make significant difference in the ensuring sustainability of infrastructure assets.

A Summary paper and the full report are available for download from the PRIF Scribd website: