PRIF is involved in a number of long-term transport infrastructure investments in the Pacific. In Solomon Islands PRIF partners are supporting a large portfolio of long term transport sector activities which have let contracts for the maintenance of over 140km of roads across 3 provinces, and have started significant rehabilitation of bridges following flooding in 2009 and 2010. The PRIF partners are supporting an ADB-led Transport Sector Development Project to better align their assistance on a comprehensive sector basis. Assistance is focused on rehabilitating and improving maintenance of high-priority sections of the transport network and helping to ensure accessibility to the high proportion of the population without reliable transport. It will also include a greater focus on building domestic private sector capacity to undertake maintenance and rehabilitation. The ADB-led Road Improvement Project which has now moved into its' Second phase, amongst other work focuses on replacing and upgrading about 30 water corssings, building around 20 km of roads and associated bridge approaches, and relocating roads for climate change adaptation. 

In Vanuatu, DFAT is leading the Vanuatu Transport Sector Support Program. This program is working with the Government to strengthen systems to finance and manage infrastructure works and ensure a more reliable and maintained transport system. The program will also enhance local employment opportunities for men and women through the use of labour-based appropriate technology.

In Samoa, PRIF partners helped respond to the 2009 earthquake and tsunami through the rehabilitation of more than 30km of roads and 6km of damaged seawalls. Phase 2 of the World Bank-led Samoa Infrastructure Asset Management (SIAM) Project is supported by PRIF and involves investment in infrastructure and management systems to increase the sustainability and resilience of communities to natural disasters.

In Tonga the World Bank is leading a long-term program of support to the transport sector through the Tonga Transport Consolidation Project which is improving policy, planning and regulation across land, air and sea transport. The project works with the Government of Tonga to establish a sustainable transport sector policy, planning and legislative framework and prepare sustainable investment plans for the maritime, aviation and road sectors. 

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