Information & Communications Technology

PRIF is working with Pacific island countries to build on existing good work in telecommunications across the Pacific. The World Bank is leading assistance in the telecommunications sector through the Pacific Regional Telecommunications Regulatory Resource Centre and the Pacific Regional Connectivity Project which includes detailed assessments of potential connectivity options to strengthen the communications backbone of the Pacific region including satellite or submarine cable options. 

In Kiribati, the World Bank is leading advisory assistance to the government on telecoms policy and regulation and the transition to a new market structure. In Solomon Islands, the World Bank is leading a program of support to the telecommunications sector through the Solomon Islands Telecommunications and ICT Development Project, implemented by the telecommunications commission. This project provides technical assistance for sector policy including regulatory reforms and the design of a universal access program. One local cocoa exporter has indicated that increased competition has resulted in his ability to have regular contact with 70-80 percent of his plantation farmers compared with only 40 percent previously.

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