Regional activities

In addition, PRIF has facilitated the completion of a benchmarking exercise for utilities in the power and water sectors of Pacific island countries. A framework for benchmarking had been developed in close coordination with the PRIF partners, regional organisations such as the Secretariat for the Pacific Community (SPC), Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC), Pacific Power Association (PPA), Pacific Water and Wastes Association (PWWA), and power and water utilities in Pacific Island Countries. Benchmarking Steering Committee meetings are held for Pacific power utilities and 'sustainable annual benchmarking' has been endorsed as a management tool for improving the performance of Pacific power utilities. The Power Benchmarking Report was completed in December 2011. A Power Benchmarking Manual was completed in September 2012. 

Similar Benchmarking Steering Committee meetings are held for the Pacific water utilities and the third Pacific Water and Wastewater Utilities Benchmarking Report 2013 was published in May 2014.

Together with PRIF partners, partner country governments and regional organisations, the PRIF Coordination Office also developed the Pacific Infrastructure Performance Indicators (PIPIs) for PRIF’s Monitoring and Evaluation framework. The PIPIs Report, published in September 2011 provides information to PRIF partners on infrastruture in the Pacific and assess the effectiveness of PRIF activities and outcomes.

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