Question 6. How do Pacific countries access assistance from PRIF?

PRIF promotes a country-led approach where the priorities for infrastructure investment are set by each country and align with overall development goals and priorities.

  • PRIF has been assisting PICs to identify their infrastructure priorities through the preparation of national infrastructure investment plans.
  • Where requested, PRIF will assist countries to identify priorities for PRIF support and will help ensure these are part of a sector-wide infrastructure strategy.
  • The PRIF development partners will support countries to lead development and the coordination of development agencies and programs to achieve better infrastructure outcomes.
  • The best way for countries to engage with PRIF is by having:
    • A single government agency responsible for the coordination of other agencies and for contact with PRIF development partners.
    • A process to sort out infrastructure priorities and lead development partners.
    • A roadmap for future investment in economic infrastructure.
  • Countries can request PRIF to assist countries to develop these processes and priorities.